For Every Lovely Creator.

Creating tomorrow, interior as a “Catalyst”.


Our Philosophy

For Every Lovely Creator.

Want a creative job. Want to have a creative journey. Want to cook creatively. For all of those who want to be more creative one more step.

Want to expand your world. Want to put your energy into something new. Want to change for the better. To everyone who wish to move forward proactively.

Kanademono is here for you. We want to be a catalyst who provides products to relax and hone your sense, and harmonize their attraction and creativity.

design philosophy

Bring out the best of materials.

Efficient customized operation.

Make your "Just right".

The products offered by Kanademono are simple, so the material is important. That's why the products are made in such a way that even the subtle colors and textures of the paintwork are carefully chosen to highlight the natural beauty of the material.

You can also easily choose the perfect size for your home with your favorite materials. In this way, both design and size can be harmonized well.

You can choose from a variety of options, but our goal is "just right".
Our high usable products stand our in your space, and also easy to coordinate with your interior. We will continue to make your "Every thing is just right".

kanademono concept

A harmony of delicate creative sensibility and strength of core

Our neutral and minimal design inspires your creativity and it has an adequate presence. There is a stripped-down beauty.

The real presence of solid materials expresses our strong confidence with delicate sensibility.

Kanademono provides the design of universal value that enhances the space and livings.