Kanademono For Business

Kanademono For Business provides "Space Production Service" for corporate customers.

We offer a wide range of high cost-performance furniture and interior items, including desks that can be ordered in a short time, free of charge, as well as stylish office chairs.
We provide total support to our customers, from space coordination, planning and scheduling to final delivery.

Let's create a comfortable and sophisticated office space with us!


Kanademono specializes in custom orders for tables and desks.
We offer a wide variety of options such as width and depth, as well as a selection of table legs and wiring hole processing for the top board, so you can order the perfect table for your space and purpose.

Kanademono is also particular about the materials used.
We only deal in tables made of natural wood, with a warmth that cannot be felt in a table made of thinly sliced veneer.

We receive many orders from architecture, design and construction companies, creators' offices and shops, and other companies that have strong preference about design.

Reason why people choose Kanademono products

  • Commitment to the material of the top board
  • Dealing domestically produced domestic top boards sawn and processed by craftsmen in Japan.
  • Well-designed metal legs.
  • Custom-made for free.
  • Wiring holes can be machined for convenient workspace.
  • Reasonable prices.
  • Quick delivery for multiple orders.
  • Free charge for multiple delivery. (except the delivery for outlying islands)



Selecting your table

Please consider the followings when you order our products for your office or shops.

Points to consider when ordering a table

  • Size (width and depth)
    →Choices of the type and species of wood will vary depends on the size of the table.
  • Wood species of top board.
  • Design of metal leg.
  • Whether the wiring holes need to be machined or not, their location, and the type of wiring hole cap.
  • Confirmation of price, delivery date, and delivery.


・If you already have decided the product
You can purchase directly from the Kanademono online store.

・If you wish to purchase a product after consulting with our customer support, please contact us.
Please feel free to contact us for more information on invoice payment and other payment methods, or request for a quote.

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Check before you select your table

Depending on the size of the table or desk you want, there are different top wood species and metal leg options.
See below to order a table that fits your application.

Standard size
Size Width:100cm~180cm  Depth:45cm~80cm  
(Width and depth may vary depending on the species and design of the legs.)
Type of table Normal
Type of Wood All types
Type of leg All types
Processing of wiring holes Available (Except for old wood and furniture linoleum)
Delivery time 5 business days (excluding weekends and holidays)
(10 working days for old and branded lumber)
Special order
Size Width:150cm~300cm  Depth:70cm~120cm  
Type of table Jointed type1

・Right and left jointed type(W181 - 300cm, D70 - 100cm)
・Up and down jointed type(W150 - 200cm, D80 - 120cm)
Type of table Rubberwood (with some solid cedar)
Type of leg Square/Square Prism
Processing of wiring holes Available
Delivery time 10 business days (excluding weekends and holidays)


"Joint type" means that the unit is assembled with three legs (square) or six legs (prismatic). Each unit is assembled with three legs (square) or six legs (prismatic). The joints on the surface of the top plate are grooved a few millimeters deep so that the small bumps are not noticeable.

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Want to request for coordinate

When you renovate your office or expand your space, you need to think about overall coordination, and it can be very difficult to estimate and coordinate the interior design by yourself.

Please feel free to contact us using the form below to consult with our interior coordinators.

portfolio of case study


Let's make your office workspace, shop, hotel, restaurant or café a comfortable place to spend time with us.

We have received many offers for total coordination from our corporate clients. Starting with free size order tables, we have created minimalist and simple spaces with highly designed chairs, cabinet wagons, racks, etc.

Here are some of the examples.

Airbnb Japan office
Airbnb was founded in 2008 by Brian Chesky, Joe Gebbia, and Nathan Blecharczyk in San Francisco, California, US, and is a new platform of lodging and experience.

Shinjuku ROOF TOP CAFE BAR Flags

ROOF TOP BBQ CAFE BAR is a popular terrace-style barbecue place on DigiQ, a barbecue platform by DigiSurf Inc.

Greedy Jim Co.

The offices of Greedy Jim Corporation, an advertising production company in Osaka, are full of creativity. The entire office has a chic atmosphere based on black color.


AIUEO STUDIO is a design and architecture firm in Jingumae, Shibuya. With an emphasis on design and space saving, their office is very functional.

Triangle Inc.

Triangle Ltd. is a company that manages parks and regular shipping routes related to the uninhabited island of Sarushima, overlooking Tokyo Bay. The office space was full of openness with a comfortable sea breeze.

Toshin Co.

Headquartered in Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Tosin Corporation is a company involved in urban greening, exterior business, and housing equipment and building materials business. The office space was filled with greenery.